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Working within the Extension Service is a win-win-win outcome in which the employees, the Extension Service, and the public we serve all benefit. We invite applicants to consider their options with our current employment opportunities.

If you wish to apply for a WVU Extension Service position, proceed to the Application Procedure instructions. For a WVU Research Corporation position, follow the on-line application process link on the position description.

You can also view Frequently Asked Questions About Employment Opportunities

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Application Procedures
All job details are listed at jobs.wvu.edu.

This includes Extension Service positions, statewide.

How do I apply for most? Usually there is the “standard” WVU procedure as described in the next paragraph (with links to the proper site), but in the Extension Service’s case, not all our job offerings follow that system, namely, those positions of the “County Staff” type, and of the “Research Corp” type (see below for descriptions of their processes).

For the usual jobs though, after finding the job name, number (handy to note), and location in W. Va. on this site’s job pages, you must follow the link(s) we have provided for you to the WVU main jobs page. There, you can scroll through the entire list or, if you prefer, you can narrow this down by location on the left side. Once you find the position you are interested in applying for, click on apply on the right side of the list or click on the job title for more details. Once you’ve clicked apply, you will need to sign into your WVUHIRE account. If you are an internal applicant, you can sign in using your MyAccess Login. If you are an external applicant, and do not have an account please click the New User button and complete the required information. You will need to read the privacy agreement and click “I Accept”. You can either upload a resume to fill in information regarding your work experience or type everything in the required fields. All sections with a red asterisk must be completed.

There are various sections that must be completed when you originally register before you can be considered for any positions. Once you have finished all of these, you will need to read the statement on the e-signature page and enter your full name to sign your application. You can now review and/or edit your profile. Once you are satisfied that everything is correct, please click “submit” and you will see a screen showing that your application is correct.

You can log back in at any time to check the status of positions you have applied for.

There’s more information and a video to walk you through the WVUHIRE process at How Do I Apply?

Check the WVU Jobs Page for the Extension Positions using the Job Number available in the position announcements in the above categories.

For most positions, submit your application to WVU Human Resources.

County Paid Staff Positions: Usually a cover letter outlining experience and qualifications, resume, and a list of three references (including address, email, phone, and fax numbers) who can reflect on the applicant’s professional strengths are required and must be submitted in ONE Word file—transcript that can be mailed separately. These positions are usually paid by local county government.

Research Corp Positions. WVU Research Corp positions are not a “standard” WVU job, where a person applies through the general WVU Jobs pages. The Research Corp has its own jobs postings page, and its own online application and application process. However on our site, we provide you with the link to that specific job.

Employee Types

Have you ever wondered “what’s the difference” between Classified and Non-Classified, or Part-time and Full-time, or Faculty and FEAP? The Employee Types page describes the basic differences.

West Virginia University Cooperative Extension Service Equal Employment Opportunity Program - Complaint ProceduresPDF


While every attempt is made to eliminate all possibility of error, occasionally an error may occur in the preparation of these position announcements. Educational and experience requirements for administrative, faculty, and faculty equivalent positions are determined by Extension Human Resources. Official salaries for classified positions are established by the Board of Governors and the WVU Classification and Compensation Unit. The WVU Extension Service reserves the right to make revisions as necessary should errors occur in the preparation of these position announcements. For classified positions, the official salary or hourly wage shall prevail.